CO2 Technologies
Produce Seafood Meat Floral
Fresher, Redder Meat
CO2 Technologies offers significant cost savings for butchers, grocery store and supermarket meat departments, delis, and more. Our CO2 pads add value for the meat industry by inhibiting factors that cause meats to lose color, weight, and freshness before their expected sell-by date.

With CO2 solutions for meat products, you can:
  • Inhibit the growth of bacteria
  • Slow the browning of meat
  • Eliminate early pulls
  • Reduce mark downs
  • Manage overall cost
  • Prevents edges of deli meats from turning color so they maintain that fresh-sliced look
  • Create more satisfied customers and generate repeat business
Thanks to a patented technology, we can offer you this easy-to-implement solution at just pennies per pad. Plus, you can sell more of the meat you buy – not only can you reduce your costs, you can increase your sales volume.

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