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How It Works
How It Works
At CO2 Technologies, we researched and engineered our meat CO2 pads to maximize the benefits of carbon dioxide on meat products.

The bright red color associated with freshness in meat is caused when the meat surface is exposed to oxygen. After the product “blooms,” or becomes fully oxygenated, pigments start to oxidize to the metmyoglobin state. Metmyoglobin is the cause of the characteristic brown coloration of meat that occurs as it ages.

When you introduce CO2 pads to the scenario, the following happens:
  • A moist CO2 vapor is released that slows down the oxidation of myoglobin, allowing meat to stay redder longer.
  • Cells become more permeable, causing water to leave surrounding spaces and enter the cells so meat stays juicier.
  • CO2 acts as an anti-microbial agent, reducing the growth rate of micro-organisms and preventing spoilage.
  • The meat’s pH level is lowered, making it more acidic and promoting protein breakdown, which in turn helps keep it tender.
  • The relative humidity of the service meat case increases, reducing water loss through dehydration and allowing the meat to retaining more weight – a valuable asset in a pay-by-the-pound industry.
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