CO2 Technologies
Produce Seafood Meat Floral
Meat-Based Products and Applications
CO2 Technologies offers value-added, quality-enhancing solutions for delis, butchers, supermarkets, meat departments, and more. Our CO2 pads can be applied to help you reduce losses due to bacteria growth and discoloration. Plus, your meats will maintain more attractive coloring for the duration of its shelf life – which means you can sell more at a higher price point.

Available Products

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Meat/Deli Service Case Pad
Pad #21360 (black)
4" x 6"

Meat Tray Pad
Pad #22700 (white)         Pad #22701 (blue)            Pad #22702 black)              Pad #22703 (yellow)         Pad #22704 (rose)
4" x 6"