CO2 Technologies
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Fresher, More Colorful Produce
CO2 Technologies offers significant cost savings for growers, shippers, wholesalers, retailers/grocers, and produce departments. Our CO2 pads add value throughout the produce supply chain by inhibiting factors that cause fruits and vegetables to lose freshness and color before their expected sell-by date.

With CO2 solutions for produce:
  • Shippers eliminate charge backs
  • Processors reduce packaging costs
  • Wholesalers eliminate short coding discounts
  • Retailers reduce discards
  • Consumers get fresher, longer-lasting produce and buy more
  • Pinking is eliminated in clean-and-core lettuce
  • Bagged lettuce stays fresher on the grocer's shelf
Thanks to a patented technology, we can offer you this easy-to-implement solution at just pennies per pad. Plus, you can sell more of the produce you buy – not only can you reduce your costs, you can increase your sales volume.

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