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Produce Applications
CO2 Technologies solutions add value and preserve quality throughout the produce supply chain – from the growers to the grocers to the consumers. Our CO2 pads can be applied to help you reduce losses and sell more at every stage. Applications include:
  • Strawberries – By treating strawberry pallets with CO2 pads rather than a CO2 tank, you get a more controlled application that manages the growth of botrytis without dehydrating the strawberries. That means redder, fresher strawberries at a lower cost.
  • Tomatoes – CO2 can serve the tomato industry with solutions that reduce packaging costs, inhibit bacteria growth, and provide brighter, more appealing coloration
  • Broccoli – Our unique CO2 pads allow you to ship broccoli without using ice. No ice translates to no added weight and no waxed boxes that can’t be recycled.
  • Clean & Core Lettuce – Our specially treated combo’s eliminate pinking and rust, making lettuce look greener, crisper, and ready to shred and serve.

Available Products

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Sliced & Diced Tomato Containers
UPC 24508
Broccoli & Asparagus Shippers
UPC 22258
Clean & Core Lettuce Combo’s
UPC 23900