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Case Study: Strawberries

The traditional method of treating strawberries used a CO2 tank to help control the growth of botrytis. This subjected the berries to a very dry, low temperature gas that dehydrates the surface of the berries.

In a study conducted by CO2 Technologies, a Midwest retailer, and Tectrol, a company using the old treatment system, it was proven that our CO2 pads are more effective at maintaining cooler temperatures and cutting down on losses.

The results of the test are as follows:

Discarded Berries
CO2 Technologies 0.3%
Tectrol 0.6% (50% higher!)

Berries Requiring Trimming for Wet Spots
CO2 Technologies 5.5%
Tectrol 6.5% (18% higher!)

Pulp Temperatures:

Top 38.8° 39.6°
Middle 41.4° 42.2°
Bottom 41.1° 42.9°

The numbers prove CO2 Technologies performs better than the old method. When you add up the results shipment after shipment, CO2 Techologies can help you sell more of what you buy – and you get better looking berries too!

Test based on 3 shipments comparing CO2 Technologies’ use of CO2 pads to Tectrol’s CO2 tank treatment.