CO2 Technologies
Produce Seafood Meat Floral
Fresher, Safer Seafood
CO2 Technologies offers significant cost savings for seafood processors, wholesalers, and retail supermarkets. Our CO2 pads add value throughout the supply chain by inhibiting bacteria growth that forces you to throw out seafood prematurely.

When you use CO2 Technologies:
  • Bacteria growth is inhibited
  • Fish stay fresher longer
  • You maintain the color and appearance that determines most buying decisions
  • Odors are eliminated in the seafood department
  • The quality of fish sold daily is enhanced to create repeat customers
  • You become the go-to source for guaranteed fresh, safe seafood
  • You reduce shrink and improve profitability
Thanks to a patented technology, we can offer you this easy-to-implement solution at just pennies per pad. Plus, you can sell more of the seafood you buy – not only can you reduce your costs, you can increase your sales volume. Several of our customers report a return on investment in just one day!

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