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Produce Seafood Meat Floral
Solutions and Applications for Seafood
CO2 Technologies solutions add value and preserve quality throughout the seafood supply chain – from the fishing boat to the family table. Our CO2 pads can be applied to help you reduce product losses due to bacteria growth and discoloration, which means you can sell more at every stage:
  • Shipping/Boats – For fish held fresh with ice on the boat, CO2 pads can be placed in the in the hold to inhibit bacteria growth immediately after the catch.
  • Shipping/Processors – For seafood processors who use ozone treatment, CO2 pads can offer a lower aerobic bacteria plate count than if you used the treatment alone. That means you deliver fresher fish that lasts longer on the retailers’ shelves – and that means more satisfied customers.
  • Retail Cases – By placing CO2 products in the display case, you can keep seafood and fish looking and smelling fresh for a longer period of time. Buyers can tell the difference immediately. The effect CO2 has on the atmosphere in the case will also result in less product waste and spoilage.
  • Overnight Storage – When storing seafood, you can place CO2 pads in the container to fight bacteria growth throughout the night. Seafood will come out of storage looking fresh and ready to sell the next day.

Available Products

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Pad #21300                   4.5" x 6"  (white)
Seafood Overnight Pad
Pad #22150
12" x 18" (white)
Seafood Iced Display Pad
Pad #22258
6" x 12"
Seafood Shipper Pad
Pad #22259
12" x 18"
Tuna Wrap
Pad #22702
3" x 6" (black)
Seafood Tray Pad