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Floral Products and Applications
CO2 Technologies solutions add value and preserve quality throughout the floral supply chain – from the field to the vase. Our CO2 pads can be applied to help you reduce plant losses and sell more at every stage:
  • Floral Shipping Boxes – For producers and distributors, CO2 pads can be used with the shipping boxes. The CO2 pads will displace the ethylene to help extend plant life. Plus, CO2 inhibits the growth of botrytis.
  • Floral Holding Coolers – While flowers are being stored, CO2 pads continue modifying the atmosphere to deplete any ethylene. It also slows down the respiration of the flowers and helps maintain cooler temperatures.
  • Retail Display Cases – CO2 pads can be used in stores to preserve the flowers and arrangements on display. The pads help slow respiration and increase water absorption. This prevents flowers from reaching the 10% weight loss threshold, at which point the plants will die.

Available Products

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Floral Pad
5.5" x 9"



Holder (Reusable)
5.5" x 9"

Floral Shipping
12" x 18"